Employee Relations

Great teamwork is usually the result of good leadership. HR 1Source will help you develop tactics to create effective teams.

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Engaged Employees Perform Better

Your company’s success depends on productive workers. Building employee engagement will result in improved customer service and a harmonious workplace.

  • Make staff meetings fun and productive
  • Build employee’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Frequently share business results
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Trained Managers Solve Problems

HR 1Source will help you develop your culture. Management training is a foundation we use to help you motivate your employees.

  • Understand root causes before taking action
  • Execute from a plan
  • Demonstrate trust in employees

Policies to Strengthen Your Company

Experts at HR 1Source are experienced in policy development.

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Policy Development to Consider
  • Attendance, tardiness, and schedule adherence
  • Treating each other with respect
  • Customer service
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HR 1Source Projects Include
  • Designs to solve the issues in your company
  • Pricing that is economical
  • Guaranteed to meet your expectations

Clearly Articulate Your Workplace Rules

HR 1Source will assist you with reviewing and updating your communication to employees and managers. Your policies, procedures, and guidelines need to be updated regularly.

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HR 1Source specializes in training managers to effectively and efficiently create a clear and viable paper trail.

  • Ensuring that meeting and investigation notes are complete and concise
  • Organized file and retrieval system
  • Clarity and confidentiality
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Effective Communication

The experts at HR 1Source will help you to develop messaging for managers and employees.

  • Identify what the company expects from employees
  • Clarify what employees can expect from the company
  • Scheduling timely review and audits

Improving with Training

The key to the success of your business is well-trained, customer-ready employees, and leaders. Trust HR 1Source to assess your needs and provide practical, impactful, and economical solutions.

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Applying Effective Leadership Skills

HR 1Source can provide one-on-one or group training based on your needs.

  • Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring
  • Ensuring management expectations are clear
  • Ensuring that management is available and accessible
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Developing Employee Skills

HR 1Source consultants are proficient trainers who can customize specific units to address employee challenges.

  • Active Listening
  • Managing Conflict
  • Customer Service

Let Us Craft or Refine Your Resume

Experts at HR 1Source have over 30 years in writing top-notch resumes.

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Resume Development and Drafting

The experts at HR 1Source will assist in developing and drafting a professional resume at the request of a client. HR 1Source will work with clients to customize their resumes helping them to get recognized for their achievements and to be considered for advancement or employment.

Our resume development work is a collaborative endeavor to ensure that the finished document meets the expectations of the client.

We will include a cover letter at the clients' request. Please contact HR 1Source for more information.